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A Stone Home Getaway


Nestled in the heart of a quiet neighbourhood on the island of Brač, Croatia, is a hidden gem that tells a story of history intertwined with modern luxury. Welcome to the "SheHouse" a Stone Home Airbnb - where past meets present in an awe-inspiring melange of elegance, functionality, and charm.

Century Old stone Home is fully renovated.  Exterior refinished with new covered porch and pool area above.

The Ground Floor - When Vintage Meets Vogue;

The journey begins at the first floor, an ode to timeless elegance fused with contemporary design. Stepping in, an open concept design greets you. A concrete kitchen gleams under the ambient lighting, adorned with state-of-the-art amenities. But, it's the famous 'Penetration Room' with its glass floor, that captures immediate attention. A transparent window into the home's history, it offers a sneak peek into a snug bed setup in the cellar below – a quirky twist that promises a unique night’s sleep.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room, a harmonious blend of eclectic and vintage. Mismatched chairs, each with their own story, surround the dining table, inviting guests to reminisce and create memories of their own. The living room then serves as the perfect backdrop for winding down, marrying the cool tones of stone with warm, plush furnishings.

Stone Home and Stone Kitchen

Living Room

Second Floor: Dreamy Vistas & Artisanal Touches;

Ascend the spiral stairs and the second floor unveils two distinct bedrooms. Each one tells its own tale, with decor that is as unique as it is comfortable. Of particular note are the two bathrooms, which feature sinks crafted by masonry students. These aren't just sinks; they're pieces of art, a testament to the skills and creativity of the next generation of masons.

Masculine Energy Bedroom

Feminine Energy Bedroom

Yet, the pièce de résistance of this Stone Home might just be the outdoor balcony. Here, you can unwind in the lounge area or take a refreshing dip in the pool, all while soaking in panoramic views of the neighbourhood.

AirBnb Patio and Pool

Third Floor: Top-Level Tranquility;

Ascending the ever-inviting spiral, the topmost sanctuary unfolds. This space is designed for utmost relaxation. A chic powder room is available for freshening up, while the massage area beckons you to let go of any residual stress.

However, the focal point is undoubtedly the large stone and glass hot tub. Flanked by a quaint seating area and robust stone walls, this hot tub offers an indulgent soak, making you feel like royalty.

Stone Jacuzzi, Third Floor Retreat

Stone and Glass Jacuzzi, Third Floor Retreat

Garden Oasis

Stepping outside, the exterior patio and garden offers a sanctuary for relaxation or entertainment. Whether you're grilling up a meal on the BBQ, washing fresh produce in the stone sink, or simply lounging with a book, this space is the epitome of the Mediterranean outdoors. Every corner has been thoughtfully designed to offer a slice of serenity.

Enveloped Beneath the Surface;

Commendations to the host for brilliantly repurposing the old water cistern into a one-of-a-kind getaway, dubiously and playfully dubbed the 'Penetration Room', where the name cheekily suggests a range of interpretive activities, be they exploratory or intimate.

With a built-in bed and a bar ingeniously accessible through the former well, it's a unique spot that invites guests to define their own adventures and pleasures within its historical walls.

Wrapping Up

This stone home Airbnb isn’t just a stay; it's a journey. From its historic stone walls to the unmatched blend of vintage and modern, every nook and cranny holds a story waiting to be explored. Whether seeking solace, romance, or simply an escape from the mundane, this property promises an experience as unique as its design. Welcome to a world where every stone tells a story.

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