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Inspired by the story of how wood can be reclaimed, Moe combines centuries-old techniques with a minimalist design. The top is made from reclaimed pine and the legs have been angled for added interest. Its one-of-a-kind charm brings unique character to your living room.

Moe Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

  • Dimensions may slightly vary 

    Approx: 60" Coffee Table: 60" x 36" x 17" 

    Approx: 71" Coffee Table: 71" x 36" x 18"

    • Reclaimed Wood Variations
      Variations in colour and imperfections are part of the the natural, distressed finish that comes from reclaimed/salvaged wood products. All dimensions are estimated due to variations in each unique item.
    • Cleaning Notes

      Customers are recommended to use a water-dampened cloth on all items to clean. Using cleaning chemicals or solvents on our products may cause irreversible damage to the finish, colour or texture.

      • During finishing, a high-quality clear furniture wax has been applied to protect from minor spills.

    • Solid Wood/Claim Period Limitations

      Most of our reclaimed wooden products are crafted with kiln dried lumber. In some cases, environmental cracks and changes may occur upon 1-6 months upon arrival. These cracks & variances often appear due to environmental changes such as humidity levels and temperature changes. Our solid wooden furniture should be kept in a climate-controlled environment to decrease the chance of possible cracking and variances in the wood.

    • Natural Materials

      As the wood itself is vintage, variances in texture, colour & size can occur. These variances are natural and may change over time due to environmental conditions, temperature changes, humidity levels, and/or exposure to sunlight.

      Small separations and slight shrinking due to the environmental conditions may also occur, as most of our products are crafted from solid wood. As these are natural changes and relate to the nature of the wood, Hauer Market is not responsible for any changes that may occur.

      During finishing, a high-quality clear furniture wax has been applied to protect from minor spills.

      Coasters should always be used to prevent marks & stains. Never place hot items directly on the surface.

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